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HR Analytics Journey with Peopleoma

As an HR professional with over a decade of experience, I decided to establish Peopleoma with the dream of helping you turn into all my sentences starting with “if only” into “thankfully”.I remember starting my sentences often with “If only we could collect, compile and combine HR data created on various platforms in a single hub, then monitor what’s going on in the company, and even base our actions and decisions on this interactive data…”At that time, I was really tired of obtaining excel reports per each HR platform to turn data into action, combining them with vlookup, creating pivot tables, completing ppt files with graphic designer, and saving them as pdf.

In 2019, while I was working as the HR Analytics Leader of Softtech, a leading technology company in Turkey, this issue was a sore spot for each of us. In that period, we were looking for solutions to boost the efficiency of HR processes and support data-based decision-making. Wondering whether this sore spot was a global issue initiated my entrepreneurial journey.

After beginning its journey as an HR data visualization software, Peopleoma then transformed into a platform by combining with the AI and guiding HR actions with the insights obtained from the data. This feature allowed us to help companies include more data in their decision processes by providing projections regarding employees who may be likely to leave and HR KPIs. Besides our AI infrastructure, we have created a cutting-edge ecosystem by adding notification and projection modules.

Thus, Peopleoma have started to help us begin our sentences with “thankfully”. Now, we provide services to our Turkey, Brazil, and Indonesia-based customers operating in the technology, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. As the companion of their digitalization journeys, we help companies make data-oriented decisions worldwide. With our investors, İşbank and Softtech Ventures, we are striving to achieve our goal of being the HR super-app that includes the entire HR ecosystem

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