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Peopleoma is an HR analytics software that allows you to integrate with HR platforms easily, upload data via excel, compile all available data in a single hub, and analyze and calculate KPIs. Besides helping you visualize your data clearly via dashboards, it also notifies you regarding significant and emergency issues and provides future predictions. Moreover, it provides you with an infrastructure to upload and present your available reports without disrupting the work flow.

Any company seeking to analyze HR data make data-based and people-oriented decisions can utilize Peopleoma.

Peopleoma can operate on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

You can start using Peopleoma after filling out the information in link below and creating an account.

You can upload your company's data to Peopleoma in two different ways:

- With Peopleoma's file upload feature, you can manually upload your data in .xlsx, .xls, .csv formats to the system.

- Peopleoma can also integrate with all HR platforms. Thus, you can ensure that your data syncs automatically.

You can try Peoplema for two weeks, free of charge. You can learn our pricing policy by contacting us at [email protected].

After I start using Peopleoma, will I need to pay an additional cost for the new features of the product to be introduced in the future?

Peopleoma is an SaaS product. Thus, you can utilize all publicly-available features without paying any additional cost.

You can start using Peopleoma without delay after signing up.

After your registration, Peopleoma will be opened for use with dummy data. Thus, you can use the system with dummy data.

Yes. You can have a free Peopleoma experience for 2 weeks with your company.

No. After selecting your package, you can use Peopleoma by paying the amount determined for each month.

You can create your new Peopleoma password by clicking the "I forgot my password" link in .

Peopleoma always ensures the safety of your HR data by utilizing the world's most developed security infrastructures. We protect your inactive data with multiple security layers by encrypting it by default. We use specialized hardware with a specially fortified operating and file system in foremost cloud data centers. We keep your HR data secure and private, protecting you and your company from attempts to breach your security and privacy.

Yes. With the product's file upload feature, you can start using Peopleoma within minutes by uploading all your company data to the system.

We are always here to answer your questions. Our happy customer team dedicated to all our customers is always by your side.

Yes. You can switch between membership packages anytime.

Yes. You can view employee competencies/skills via the Skills page.

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