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Are we done yet? Or is it just the beginning? Welcome to the Employee Experience World!

For decades, Customer Experience has been the key to success in the market for all industries. Research, investments, strategic roadmaps, marketing campaigns, and technological developments were all focused on a better customer experience. The World was turning around customers.

Nowadays things have changed, and a second hot topic has arisen.

Employee Experience!

During the pandemic, especially with workplace transition, the dynamics of daily business have changed irreversibly. The level of anxiety has come to a point where most people struggled with mental health. Work-life balance was almost impossible to manage, and the borders were not clear anymore. Moreover, internal communication has never been this hard.

So, what happened? Resignation waves have started all over the World, which is called Great Resignation. Employees have started to reconsider the meaning of their lives which led to Quiet Quitting, which is deprioritizing work over social needs. Employees who experienced severe burnout cases have given up their careers for good. According to McKinsey’s Report, 44% of the leavers do not think of returning to traditional work in the next six months and 36% of the leavers quit their job without an alternative offer.

All this chaos forced companies to change the way they manage their organizations. This revolution was inevitable, but it has speeded up with the pandemic.

Companies should carefully plan and manage these topics to avoid further resignation waves;

Digital transformation, Workplace transition, Open communication, Well-being, Recognition, Work-life balance.

Among all topics, one frame covers all: HR Analytics.

As Peter Drucker said, “What gets measured gets improved.”. There are some KPIs visible to the eye, but what about the others?

Are you aware of the correlation between your employees’ overtime trend and annual leave frequency or the increasing absenteeism trend versus training attendance percentage?

How will the loss of experienced employees affect in-house learning? What is the unseen cost of losing employees from the new generation? What are the common characteristics of the leavers?

Communication is mostly seeing what is unsaid, and it is hidden in people’s data. Therefore, the need for supportive HR analytics instruments and platforms is rising all over the World.

Start reading your data today with advanced analytics platforms, the sooner the better.

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