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Meet Your New HR Data Analyst, Peopleoma Highlights!

The effects of the world’s rapid progress on the path of digitalization have shaped business life in an irreversible way. Companies that were able to construct this transformation, which were able to act data-oriented and agile, inevitably took the lead in the competition.

When we look at today, companies face great difficulty in keeping up with the HR mechanisms that have become more dynamic than before with the effects of Covid 19, Quiet Quitting and the Great Resignation. We can give examples of this as tracking turnover and determining the main reasons for leaving the job, creating an organizational chart, annual leave usage and controlling the rapidly changing demographic structure.

Digital Applications and Challenges in Human Resources Management

When we look at the obstacles in digital applications in human resources and data management, we see that the data is stored on various platforms. Unfortunately, the workforce of HR departments is insufficient to bring together and make sense of data from multiple digital platforms. Aside from the technical difficulties of accessing up-to-date information, manual processes are prone to errors, so strategic decisions can be delayed and cannot always be accurate. Important changes that are overlooked in companies can cause irreversible problems in the future.

At this point, a critical question arises; Is data visualization, the first step of digitalization, sufficient to create an HR strategy?

Is there more?

Of course, the use of dashboards for KPI monitoring is a must, but a different approach is required to establish a strategy. For example, let’s take overtime data, you created tables for due diligence, but in addition to these tables, you did not examine sub-breakdowns such as leave usage information, resignation percentage, generation change and their relations with each other. And you did not interpret them with HR experience. With this method, you will not be able to identify employees who need support and create a roadmap for a better employee experience.

Fast transition from data to action with Peopleoma Highlights!

As Peopleoma Team, we have developed the Highlights module to support HR departments in transition from data to action. We analyze big data and examine the issues that are important for companies in depth using second-level analytical methods and identify critical points. Thanks to the Highlights module, which works with the logic of an HR professional, we enable you to quickly reach the correct and meaningful outputs and prevent you from wasting time on turning data into action. By highlighting the important and material issues for your company, we are instrumental in the HR culture to be assimilated by all your employees. With Peopleoma Highlights we enable you to easily plan tomorrow from today and make sure that there is no overlooked situation.

If you want to create a better employee experience and make data driven strategic decisions, meet Peopleoma Highlights.

For more information, contact us via the link below, our teams will be happy to assist you.

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