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Success Story – Kordsa

Kordsa and Peopleoma to achieve Individualized Human Resources Management.

Kordsa, a global player in tire and construction reinforcement and composites markets, operates in 13 facilities throughout 6 countries including Türkiye, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy, and the USA with over 4900 employees.

Industry: Manufacturing
Headquarters: İstanbul, Turkey

Employees: +4900

Peopleoma Solutions:

  • Executive Dashboards
  • Payroll Analytics
  • Predictions
  • Highlights
  • Smart Organizational Chart
  • Employee Magic Cards

Key Outcomes:

  1. HR Digitalization
  2. Reduced report preparation effort from 2 months to zero.
  3. HR Culture Implementation
  4. Data-driven Decision Making
  5. Quick Access to Information

In just one year with Peopleoma, Kordsa has implemented digitalized HR process in 6 countries.


Kordsa was having difficulty in reaching up-to-date data since all 6 countries were using different ERP platforms. Preparing a consolidated HR report was taking 2 months and it was a manual process with pivot tables in Excel. Data cleaning, mapping and singularizing were must-haves since all countries were keeping data in different formats. The accuracy of the data was always an issue due to manual work and all those challenges were leading to a lack of efficiency, time management and quality.

The Solution

By implementing Peopleoma, Kordsa Team can immediately access the data they want for all countries in any detail, regardless of the time difference and the ERP platform used and can make data-driven decisions and improve agile working methods. Data transparency helped everyone to be on the same page.

The Roadmap

The implementation process has started with Turkey, Headquarters to create a success story that will inspire other sites to complete their integrations.

It started with data cleaning and HR-Web Integration. Followed by dashboards which was a huge step toward efficiency. All HR-related reports and presentations were automatized as a first step.

Peopleoma Highlights, Smart Organizational Chart, Employee Magic Cards, and Payroll Analytics were onboarded afterward.

With Peopleoma Highlights everyone received suggestions, information and alerts where needed. It helped HR culture implementation for the whole organization.

The manual workload was eliminated with Peopleoma Smart Organizational Chart and Employee Cards.

2nd step for completion of the HR Analytics Project was Peopleoma Predictions. For all key HR KPI metrics such as turnover, retention, overtime, leavers and the number of employees, forecasting the future figures was onboarded.

After Kordsa Turkey onboarding was finalized it was followed by Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil and the USA.

Peopleoma has successfully integrated with local ERP platforms for each country, cleaned the data and onboarded the HR Analytics platform.

What is Next?

Individualized predictions are being developed currently. Peopleoma And Kordsa Teams are working together to find answers to the questions below;

  • Who should be paid how much?
  • Who will be the top performers?
  • How to gain employees who are likely to churn?
  • How a career path will shape from hiring to exit?

The Outcomes

1- All HR data in one place:

Peopleoma connected to all local ERP platforms in 6 countries and created a consolidated HR data pool. Reaching up-to-date data and comparing KPIs for all the countries is now a matter of minutes for Kordsa Headquarters.

2- Data-oriented people management:

With being able to reach all people-related data at any time from anywhere allowed Kordsa Leaders to manage their teams with data-driven insights which brought transparency and a better employee experience to their organization.

3- HR awareness within the company:

Peopleoma’s user-friendly and effective Highlights and Dashboards features created awareness within the organization.


Key findings:

  • Considerable contributions to the institutional goals stated within Kordsa’s Future of Work strategy
  • Increase in organizational awareness and increased focus on the KPIs and metrics
  • Creating a reliable big data pool
  • Instant tracking and controlling of the organizational goals
  • Turning crises into opportunities by ensuring rapid transformation with agility
  • Getting answers to the search for meaning
  • Decreasing the workload of HR professionals in reporting
  • Saving time
  • Following the Diversity Equity and Inclusion strategy
  • Contributing to Well-being

Lessons Learned:

  • Teamwork
  • Change management
  • Understanding the organizational philosophy and acting together with the organization
  • Achieving a difficult goal
  • Digital development
  • Agility
  • Increased awareness of cumbersome processes


  • “HR 4.0 ” will continue to develop with new modules and dashboards. The program will be further developed in line with feedback from managers and the insights of program facilitators, as digital dashboards and strong predictive analytic models are integrated into the other HR processes by expanding HR 4.0’s data pool to the fullest extent.

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