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Understand your HR data to determine your company's future!

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HR Analytics

Are you tired of switching between platforms? Peopleoma helps you monitor, display, and analyze all your HR data via a single hub with dashboards specifically designed for you by professionals.

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Dynamic and ready-to-use dashboards give you a real-time overview of your human resources metrics by collecting data from multiple HR platforms. Don’t loose time preparing reports, just leave it to Peopleoma!



Peopleoma brings insights to your people data, gives answers to simple and complex questions, supports your leaders to explore, understand, measure and learn hidden values in your people data. Peopleoma Highlights builds data-driven decision making process within your organization and supports you to spread people management culture among your leaders.



Peopleoma predicts the most critical metrics for the upcoming months. No surprises with Peopleoma!

Make an appointment to try Peopleoma for free!

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Smart Organizational Chart

Peopleoma collects all HR data in one place, organizes, visualizes, and guides you with meaningful insights.


With Peopleoma you can review Dashboards, take actions with Peopleoma Highlights, and be prepared for the future with Peopleoma Predictions and get the most from Human Resources Analytics.


You can pay attention to each of your employees with Smart Organizational Chart and Employee Magic Card!

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Strong Integrations
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Stevie Awards & Brandon Hall Awards

Our HR Analytics collaboration with Kordsa is awarded 3 international prizes:

HR 4.0 Revaluation

Bronze, HR 4.0 HR Predictive Analysis Project

Bronze, HR 4.0 HR Analytics Project – Silver

Brands That Trust Us
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Your HR data is safe with us

We always ensure the safety of your data by utilizing the world's most developed security infrastructures. We protect your inactive data with multiple security layers by encrypting it by default.


We use hardware with a specially reinforced operating and file system.

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Take the first step for your HR Analytics project!

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